Digital TV, freesat Satellite Installation

Freesat+ (plus) by Humax

BBC & ITV freesat+ Is Here and... Humax makes it feature reliable

ITV and BBC freesat+ has matured into a UK digital TV offering. Launched in November 2008, freesat+ digital TV satellite receiver incorporates all the glorious and exciting TV features such as HD programming, interactive guides and services, but through a Humax box you get the ability to pause, rewind and fast forward live Digital TV!

The Humax freesat+ (freesat plus) has an integrated whisper quiet hard drive which allows you to record your favourite television shows, and providing you have a second satellite cable feed from your freesat installed dish, you will also be able to record one channel whilst watching another!  It really is worth having that second satellite cable feed to record even more channels at the same time.  So no more fighting over the remote control, and you will never miss your favourite shows again!

freesat+ now reduces the need for recordable tapes or DVD discs, as all your favourite programmes are stored directly onto the built in freesat hard drive.

freesat+ allows you to record and watch brilliant freesat High Definition viewing, and with up to 320GB of hard drive space available, you can record up to 80 hours of free HD programming.

Humax has become one of the best leading brands in the market. This wasn't any overnight success.  It's success has been brought about by carefully planned 'long term reliability.' Humax have built a TV recording platform which rivals the simplicity and reliability of paid for TV services.  In addition, Humax make occasional support updates via engineering channels - you just silently receive upgrades and improvements. Other companies sell you their digibox, then leave you stranded. Competitors just bring out a new upgrade model and expect you to shell out, yet again, on a new digibox.  Humax have got it right and are far better than these inferior brands.


Do you pay Sky every month for that extra room and a second Sky digibox?

Why not consider a contract free HD freesat installation in the additional rooms... simply take a moment and work it out.  You get a good selection of all the programs for child or adult TV viewing.  You pay for a new dish, or extra satellite feeds as an upgrade.  So how many months does it take to pay for the dish installation - under a year and you will be saving serious money every month?

Then consider how digital TV is progressing and the cost of a good aerial feed per room. It dose not take long for two or more rooms and the monthly Sky costs are really mounting up.

If you want more HD channels then satellite dish and cable is always going to be better than terrestrial TV aerials.

In our opinion, simply have your own satellite freedom of choice then buy and trust in a Humax freesat+ digibox.

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