Digital TV, freesat Satellite Installation

£99.99 Freesat Installation Cost

Freesat Installation cabled to one room

freesat install single feed

This is for a standard freesat installation for one connection in one room. Please see our main Freesat Installation home page for more offers and details.

  • No Monthly Charges
  • No Minimum Contract
  • Free Digital HD TV freesat channels
  • No Monthly Subscription

Just a one-off installation cost


  • Want more rooms cable connected?
  • Kids want to watch TV in the other room?
  • Cable the bedroom for late night HD TV viewing?
  • Save even money on Sky monthly per room/connection costs?



Simple: Have multi-room cabled freesat installation for more than one room cabled at the same time.




Northern Ireland, UK and London based
freesat satellite installations