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Home cinemas used to be the stuff of dreams, the preserve of the rich and famous.  Luckily times have changed and they are now an affordable home luxury.

With the film industry using more and more exciting technology to create special effects, to experience the full glory of a movie meant a trip to the local cinema.  With that came the rising cost of a night out, not just the tickets but travel costs and of course snacks and drinks, which are an essential part of the enjoyment.
Now home technology is catching up: 3D TV and surround sound are available for everyone to purchase and the latest movies are being released for home viewing earlier than ever.

Adding up the cost of regular nights out and comparing that with the price of a home cinema installation shows that there are savings to be made over the life of the system (the drinks and snacks are extra but definitely cheaper if you supply your own!)
Installing a home cinema system is quick and easy. Purchase your equipment, make an appointment for fitting and within a few days you can be enjoying films whenever you choose.  You might even want to invite the neighbours round to share your night in.
Multimedia centres are another exciting development, giving the opportunity to connect many pieces of hardware to create an integrated system for work or play.  Installation can be a problem for the IT challenged but the experts make it look easy so it is well worth arranging for an experienced company to connect up all the wires and make sure each piece is talking to everything else, as it should.
Until recently home automation systems were restricted to new build housing, at a cost.  Now prices are falling and systems can be installed into existing properties with little disturbance, giving home owners the opportunity to update their equipment and install new security features.  Imagine being able to turn on lights, close curtains and operate your TV recording system, all from your office desk.
We are now working with a partner company to offer home cinema, multimedia centre and home automation installation services at prices that will be a pleasant surprise.